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Ten years ago I left the world of politics and entered the classroom.  Teaching is the best job I have ever been privileged to have. Yet at some point each generation needs to take leadership roles and help build a new direction for their community.  With that in mind, I decided it was time to offer myself for Manatee County School Board.

I currently teach Government and Economics at Lakewood Ranch High School.  Prior to that, I worked in the United States House of Representatives as an aide to Congressman Dan Miller (R-13 Florida) and in various positions around the Florida Legislature.

I am running for school board because I believe we need new people in charge in order to change the direction of our educational system.  We need accountability in the classroom and accountability downtown if we are to deliver on the promise of a high quality education our children deserve.

Robert Moates
Candidate for Manatee County School Board, District 2


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