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  • Make accountability the #1 priority in the classroom and in the administration
  • Use technology effectively to create student-centered learning
  • Set goals that are specific, measurable and achievable
  • Adhere to zero-based budgeting and fund our priorities first
  • Focus on providing students with the tools to succeed in college and in their careers
  • Watch every dollar, put every transaction online and welcome public oversight




  1. Linda Schaich says:

    Just checking you out. Love ya.

    • Dawn says:

      What does “accountability” mean to you? I look to see a much higher level of discipline allowed to be used on the students as was up until the ’60′s, (& of course regulations on it’s use). The laws can be changed. -Dawn

  2. Todd Hecht says:

    I am torn because I don’t know much about Mr Moates so I came here to this site to educate myself. There are other people like me who are undecided and do not have much time to make a decision. I like the idea of having educators and business poeple both on the board. The items listed above are great and everyone wants more clarity, accountability and technology. However, I would like to know where he stands on the tough items, the unpoppular items. Most people like myself will not attend a campaign rally or speaking engagement and rely on sites like this to make our decisions. If I could suggest a clearer message on where Mr Moates stands on items such as the following: Does Mr Moates support testing teachers, tying teachers pay to results? Student testing? Clear Party affiliation? How does he feel about Charter Schools? Diversification of schools? Does he support bussing dissadvantaged students to better schools? Maybe bussing stellar teachers to poorer neighborhoods to teach? Please help us undecideds??

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